Drainage Composites


Armourflow™ FS6 Gas and Water Drainage System

Armourflow FS6 is a strip filter drain designed specifically for drainage and gas venting applications.

Armourflow™ Panel Drain

Armourflow protects waterproofing coatings and channels water efficiently to the drainage system, preventing hydrostatic pressure build up.

DuraFlow Drainage Composite

Duraflow biplanar and triplanar drainage nets are suitable for large scale drainage applications in landfill bases and capping layers.


SecuDrain is a three-dimensional composite product, consisting of a drainage core and firmly attached filter nonwoven geotextiles for drainage applications.

Cirtex® Wick Drain – Pre-fabricated vertical drains (PVD)

Wick Drains can be of significant assistance in increasing the speed of consolidation of very soft soils and ultimately increasing the shear strength of the soil such that some engineering structure may be constructed.