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Filter Sleeve®

Filter Sleeve® is a tested and proven solution for protecting subsoil drains from sedimentation.

Filter Sleeve is a readily available, cost-effective and proven filter making it an ideal choice for protection of perforated pipe.

Manufactured as a three-dimensional knitted fabric, Filter Sleeve is supplied in a seamless length to fit the broad range of pipe sizes available.

Filter Sleeve works by trapping the soil particles and assisting the formation of a soil filter around the pipe.

Produced in New Zealand, Cirtex® uses strict ISO 9001 quality controlled certified procedures as the performance of the product is dependent on the accurate formation of the knit structure and pore sizes. Choose Cirtex Filter Sleeve for dependable results.

Filter Sleeve is fitted to the pipeline on site using preloaded applicators or it may be purchased pre-installed from leading pipe manufacturers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Filter Sleeve provides a filter for coarse silt and fine sand particles which would ordinarily enter an unprotected subsoil pipe causing it to block.

It acts as a soil stabiliser to help support and maintain the surrounding soil and reduce the breakdown of that soil structure.

The pores of the Filter Sleeve trap heavier and larger sand particles and bridge the fabric pores instead of lodging in them as would usually be expected.

The larger, irregular sand particles provide a further surface which can trap smaller particles such as clay and silt within their irregularities.

The air void created between the sleeve and the corrugated pipe helps to equalise pressure across the Filter Sleeve fabric providing a space for water to pass freely before entering the pipe.

Filter Sleeve helps to stabilise the surrounding soil by recreating a microscopic soil structure around the sleeve.

No. Massey University research suggests that no significant reduction in the permeability of the filter fabric over long periods of service as long as the Filter Sleeve is correctly installed and backfilled.

To protect a punched subsoil drain in sand or sandy gravels. Filter Sleeve is an inexpensive assurance against failure should the contractor not achieve a perfect installation – 5-6% more expensive overall.

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76006 Preloaded FilterSleeve 65mm x 15m
76005 Preloaded FilterSleeve 65mm x 30m
76003 Preloaded FilterSleeve 110mm x 15m
76000 Preloaded FilterSleeve 110mm x 30m
76001 Preloaded FilterSleeve 110mm x 50m




76002 Preloaded FilterSleeve 110mm x 100m
76086 Preloaded FilterSleeve 160mm x 15m
76004 Preloaded FilterSleeve 160mm x 45m
76036 Preloaded FilterSleeve 200mm x 30m

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Please note:

Cirtex stocks the Triton S22 Chambers. When using the calculator, please ensure you change 'chamber selection' to S-22.

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