Sediment Retention Ponds

Cirtex® offers a complete range of products for Sediment Retention Ponds and Erosion & Sediment Control applications to ensure your site meets regulations.



PortaFloc designed by Cirtex is the latest innovation in rainfall activated chemical dosing.  Greatly simplifies the process of on site set up and ongoing maintenance requirements.


Floc Shed

The Cirtex® Floc Shed is a rain activated device to dose the correct volume of flocculant into a sediment pond or decanting earth bund during a rain event.


Pond Decant T-Bar System

The Cirtex T-Bar Decant System is a quick and easy solution for dewatering Sediment Retention Ponds and Decanting Earth Bunds.


Cirtex® Anti-Seep Collars

Cirtex Anti-Seep Collars provide an effective and quick alternative to pouring an onsite concrete collar around discharge pipes for Sediment Retention Ponds and Decanting Earth Bunds.


Cirtex Danline

Danline rope is manufactured from high tenacity polypropylene yarns. Danline offers easy handling, high strength and is abrasion resistant.



EnviroForce is a black nonwoven needle punched geotextile primarily used for erosion and sediment control applications i.e spillways and Sediment Retention Ponds.


Cirtex® Polythene

General purpose heavyweight black Polythene is used in the building and civil construction industries. It has a wide range of uses from erosion protection and covering contaminated soils to under concrete, preventing moisture from coming up through the concrete layer.


Ground Staples

Cirtex Ground Staples are made using galvanised spring steel for securing any fabric to the ground.


Chemical Treatment Management Plans

Cirtex has the ability to carry out full bench testing services and prepare Chemical Treatment Management Plans (sometimes referred to as Floc Plans) in conjunction with your compliance requirements.