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Floc Pouches

The Cirtex Floc Pouch contains 1.6kg of powder Floc and can be a useful solution for short term projects, small catchments and catchments that experience significant lag-time flows of sediment laden run off.

Floc Pouches can also be installed in areas where significant lag-time run-off exists to assist with the treatment and improve water quality. The active PAC (Polyaluminium chloride) powder in one pouch is the equivalent of 4.8 litres of liquid and discharge can be controlled by the positioning in the channel and associated flow.

It is important that you have a CTMP in place prior to the application of floc as part of your compliance requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately 30m3 of sediment laden water but dose rates and effectiveness can vary significantly across different sites.

Yes, it’s a Council Requirement. It is also important to help you understand the dosing requirements for your site.

Yes, when used responsibly and in accordance with your CTMP.  The same suite of chemicals are used in our drinking water applications.

Yes, these are all put together in our IANZ Lab.

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60133 Floc Pouch n/a

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Please note:

Cirtex stocks the Triton S22 Chambers. When using the calculator, please ensure you change 'chamber selection' to S-22.

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