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EcoMat Jute

EcoMat Jute

EcoMat Jute is a reinforced non-woven blanket of 100% biodegradable jute fibres designed to provide a medium term ground cover.

As a planting medium EcoMat Jute assists with the retention of moisture and the suppression of competitive weeds during early plant establishment. Depending on the local conditions the Jute Matting will break down over a period of 18 to 36 months.

EcoMat Jute can also be used for erosion protection on slopes and as a temporary erosion control cover on earthworks and construction projects. With 2m wide rolls it is an ideal solution for applications such as bunds where the product can be left in situ to break down naturally.

This jute matting is also an ideal solution for the temporary face of a DuraMesh wall which will hold the fill material in situ until the vegetation layer is fully established.

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56126 EcoMat Jute 330gsm 2m x 50m (100m²)
56127 EcoMat Jute 500gsm 1.83m x 25m (45.75m²)
56128 EcoMat Jute 750gsm 1.83m x 25m (45.75m²)

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