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DuraGrid X Geogrid

DuraGrid X Geogrid

DuraGrid X polypropylene biaxial geogrids are used in base course reinforcement and subgrade stabilisation applications such as road pavements, reinforced foundations and working platforms on soft soils.

DuraGrid X polypropylene geogrids are well suited to applications that are subject to the impact loads caused by traffic, earthquakes, etc.

The excellent interlocking properties and strength of DuraGrid X ensure its usefulness in reducing layer thicknesses and increasing bearing capacity and pavement life.

DuraGrid X is typically laid directly on the subgrade, and the aggregate layers are placed and compacted on top. Aggregates, which are strong in compression and weak in tension, are therefore mechanically stabilised by the high-efficiency interlock and tensile strength of the DuraGrid X stabilisation layer.

In applications where the underlying soils are saturated, it is recommended that a DuraForce® nonwoven geotextile is placed under the DuraGrid X or the GridTex geocomposite is used. This is to ensure there is separation to prevent the fine particles migrating into the aggregate layer.


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76253 DuraGrid X 20/20 3.95m x 50m (197.5m2)
13643 DuraGrid X 20/20 5.95m x 50m (297.5m2)
76254 DuraGrid X 30/30 3.95m x 50m (197.50m2)
13639 DuraGrid X 30/30 5.95m x 50m (297.5m2)
76255 DuraGrid X 40/40 3.95m x 50m (197.50m2)

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