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Staple Wasp Gun

Staple Wasp Gun

The Staple Wasp gun allows ground staples to be installed up to ten times the speed of hand installation.

The Staple Wasp has been specially designed to provide a lightweight, robust staple gun. This allows site workers to work for efficiently and reduces potential back injury from prolonged bending over to install staples by hand.

The Staple Wasp is a great installation tool to use when securing various geotextiles and ground covers in place.

Lightweight and durable construction. The Staple Wasp is an engineered gun made with military grade aluminium and hardened steel to ensure it is versatile, robust, and easy to work with on large projects.

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Benefits & Features

Interactive 3D Render

Try our interactive Staple Wasp Gun. Use your mouse to navigate the scene, click, drag and zoom around at your own pace.





13484 Staple Wasp Gun N/A
13498 Staple Wasp Staples (1000/ctn) 150mm

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