Spill Containment bin

Spill Kits

Cirtex has developed a Spill Kit using hemp hurd as the primary adsorbent material for the collection and removal of hydrocarbons spills.



SiltFence is a woven geotextile consisting of strong, rot resistant, chemically stable long chain synthetic polymer materials, dimensionally stable with each other.


Super SiltFence

Super SiltFence is the combination of a double layer silt fence material supported with a galvanised wire mesh.


EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtain

EnviroSieve Turbidity Curtains are a floating barrier, ideal for containing waterborne sediments when working in marine environments, lakes and waterways.



A quick and effective way of managing sediment runoff into culverts and waterways.


BioCoir – Coir Log

BioCoir Coir Logs are commonly used in stream banks and waterway engineering and beautification projects to prevent erosion and allow vegetation to establish.


Cesspit Filter Bag

Cesspit filtration filter bags are temporary filtration inserts used during construction and maintenance of subdivision roading designed to filter out silt and debris.


FilterPod – Catch Pit Filter

The FilterPod is a prefabricated drop in catch pit filter, these are used to prevent water-borne sediment entering the stormwater system.


Cesspit Filter Dam

Cesspit Filter Dam is a simple solution to filter out silt and debris. It is used as a temporary control when repairing water mains and small roadside repairs. Filter Dams are quick and simple to install.



Polypropylene and Hessian sandbags are commonly used for water diversion and weighing down objects around construction sites. Available pre-filled or flat packed.