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Presenting a new way to deal with stormwater runoff from residential properties.

In a convenient kit, the SmartSoak system contains all the components needed to attenuate stormwater from an individual residential site. Hidden underground, SmartSoak stores runoff from impermeable surfaces in a series of modules wrapped in a geotextile fabric where it slowly soaks away into the surrounding soils and/or is released through an orifice.

SmartSoak is smart, cost-effective and compact; boasting a 95% void ratio compared with traditional soakage aggregate pits with a void ratio of 30-40% which are not able to be maintained.

The SmartSoak modules are pre-approved by council* which streamlines the consenting process for the developer and project engineer.

Available in four standard sizes to suit property requirements, the SmartSoak system can be easily installed anywhere on the property. The modules are trafficable meaning they can be installed under driveways and parking areas, providing there is a minimum of 600mm of cover.

*SmartSoak modules and linear access technology hold pre approval certification from Auckland and Hamilton City Councils. At present, these are the only councils requiring formal approval for underground stormwater devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Rainwater is collected in SmartSoak modules and allowed to soak into the surrounding soil over a period of time after the storm has finished. A course screen filter is recommended to catch larger objects from blocking the system.

Stormwater is collected in SmartSoak detention module and released at a reduced rate through a flow control orifice into an appropriate outflow pipe. This reduces peak flows from the site, thereby minimising the risk of flooding, erosion and potentially deferring the need to replace hydraulically inadequate stormwater pipes.

Rainwater from roofs is directed into SmartSoak modules located beneath driveways, lawns and other trafficable or non trafficable surfaces. A coarse screen filter is recommended to remove leaves and rubbish from inflows, thereby protecting the SmartSoak Soakage modules from blocking. Water collected in the tank is suitable for garden watering, laundry use and toilet flushing.

Benefits & Features

Typical Cross Section





13281 SmartSoak 3.5m3 System (15 Modules) 2m x 2.145m x 0.86m
13085 SmartSoak 5m3 System (21 Modules) 2.8m x 2.145m x 0.86m
13086 SmartSoak 7m3 System (30 Modules) 4m x 2.145m x 0.86m
13087 SmartSoak 10m3 System (42 Modules) 5.2m x 2.145m x 0.86m

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