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Barrier Mesh

Barrier Mesh

Cirtex® Barrier Mesh is a high visibility, rigid & UV stabilised barrier mesh made to last the distance.

Cirtex Barrier Mesh has been tried and proven in harsh New Zealand conditions to ensure longevity. Available in two grades, Standard and Econo, Cirtex Barrier Mesh provides a cost-effective solution to define your work area hazards.

Standard Barrier Mesh is very robust making it suitable for medium and long term projects.

The Econo Barrier Mesh is a lighter rigid mesh that meets the needs of short to medium term applications.

For use in applications like construction sites, open trenches, open excavations, sports events, civil contracting sites and restricted areas.

Products also required to construct Barrier Mesh fence:

  • 1.5m Steel Y Post – between every Y Post at 2-3m spacing
  • Y Post Safety Caps – on every Y Post
  • Wire – at the top of barrier mesh
  • Danline – at the top of barrier mesh in place of wire
  • Hog Rings – to fasten the barrier mesh to the wire or danline at 200 – 500mm spacing
  • Cable Ties – to fasten the barrier mesh to the wire or danline at 200 – 500mm spacing

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Barrier Mesh Installation





76461 Barrier Mesh Rigid Standard 0.9m x 30m
13509 Barrier Mesh Rigid Econo 0.9m x 30m
13175 Barrier Mesh Rigid Green 0.9m x 30m

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