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Tenax® 3D Geogrid

Tenax® 3D Geogrid

Tenax 3D geogrids add a whole new dimension to geosynthetic stabilisation and reinforcement.

Made from a unique extrusion technique, Tenax 3D triplanar grids are an integrally formed geogrid that is specifically shaped to maximise aggregate interlock and improve the composite stiffness of the aggregate/geogrid mass.

Combining a unique high T shaped rib structure, excellent junction strength and radial stiffness, Tenax 3D geogrids have been proven to provide improved performance in a pavement application, and also excellent composite stiffness performance.

The performance data from full scale testing has been used to produce an excellent pavement design tool which can demonstrate the savings between a stabilised and an un-stabilised pavement section. Contact us for more information.

Tenax® is a Registered Trademark of Tenax Corporation registered in the United States.

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13952 Tenax 3D-T 3.85m x 75m
13953 Tenax 3D-HT 3.85m x 75m

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