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DuraMesh® Reinforced Soil System

DuraMesh® Reinforced Soil System

The DuraMesh® system is a proven, engineered, reinforced soil system allowing MSE walls and slopes to be constructed up to 90° with different visual appearances, from vegetated to rock faced.

The DuraMesh system consists of the DuraMesh facing panels providing the face support, StrataGrid® PET reinforcement geogrid, and DuraFlow or DuraFlowQ drainage composites providing drainage at the back of the MSE mass.

The facing can be vegetated, stone face for a gabion type appearance or a geotextile wrap when there is a concrete facing panel being placed in front of the MSE wall. Cirtex® offers typical plans and methodologies and can customise this to suit your project.

Cirtex can provide design support using the latest slope reinforcement and MSEW programs.

DuraMesh is available in a number of different face angles ranging from 60 to 90 degrees available to meet the requirements of the project. Facing panels are available in a range of materials and coatings: black steel, galvanised steel, galfan + PVC coated steel and stainless steel to meet requirements of the different design service life. Each DuraMesh reinforced soil system component is individually selected and engineered to work together to provide a structurally sound long term solution.

StrataGrid® is a Registered Trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Registered in the United States.

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DuraMesh® Typical Cross Section 70°

This 3D diagram shows an overview of the installation layers of a standard grass faced 70° DuraMesh wall. This is not an installation guide and only acts as a concept.

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