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Cirtex® SiltFence is a high quality UV stabilised woven polypropylene silt control fabric used to prevent silt runoff entering our waterways.

SiltFence is a requirement to be used around construction and earthworks sites to prevent the silt running off the construction zone in an uncontrolled manner, polluting our waterways. SiltFence meets the requirements of local authorities for a primary barrier against site runoff.

Manufactured from a robust UV stabilised yarn, Cirtex SiltFence provides a strong and stable product that will last in the harsh conditions we find here in New Zealand. This ensures that there is no premature failure on projects sites resulting in costly contamination of surrounding properties and waterways.

The effectiveness of silt fences can be limited if not installed correctly. We have put measures in place to ensure your silt fence is a success. See below.

View our installation diagram here.

Plastic yarn or fibres used in this geotextile consist of at least 95% by mass of polyolefins, polyesters or polyamides, and contain stabilisers and inhibitors added to the base plastic to make the filaments resistant to deterioration due to ultraviolet and heat exposure.

Super SiltFence is a double layer product with a sewn joint and is also available from Cirtex. Super SiltFence requires Super SiltFence Wire Mesh to be placed behind the fence to give additional strength and support.

SiltFence Portal

The SiltFence Portal consists of back-to-back anti–seep collars that are sealed and secured on both sides of a SiltFence or Super SiltFence and can be secured with additional waratahs for long term stability.

This unit is available for 100mm and 150mm solid novacoil pipes. This allows stormwater connection or dirty water diversions to pass through a silt fence whilst maintaining its structural integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

SiltFence is a woven geotextile that complies with the technical requirements set out in GD05.

SiltFence is used in a wide range of applications for containing sediment runoff. It filters out solids while allowing water to flow through.

  • 1m x 50m
  • 1.3m x 50m

SiltFence is to be installed with 200mm below ground returning upslope, 200mm below ground vertical, and 600mm above ground level. SiltFence is to be supported by Y Posts every 2m (when using soft wire) or 4m (when a high tensile wire is used). SiltFence clips or pins are to be every 200mm, attaching the top of the SiltFence to the wire.

Benefits & Features

SiltFence Installation

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Please note:

Cirtex stocks the Triton S22 Chambers. When using the calculator, please ensure you change 'chamber selection' to S-22.

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