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SamiGrid® is an asphalt reinforcement ideal for the rehabilitation of stabilised pavements.

SamiGrid is a composite product consisting of an asphalt reinforcement grid made from high modulus polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibres in combination with a non-woven fabric.

Saturation of the non-woven with bitumen means that SamiGrid also performs a sealing and stress alleviating membrane interlayer function to complement the reinforcing action of the grid. This combination of materials results in a high-performance product that is ideal for the rehabilitation of concrete and stabilised pavements by using an asphalt overlay. Through the active retardation of reflective cracking, SamiGrid significantly extends the service life of asphalt resurfaced concrete and stabilised pavements.

Unlike other raw materials, PVA exhibits a high resistance to alkaline environments. This makes it ideal for the rehabilitation of concrete and cement stabilised pavements.

Specific roll widths and lengths available on request.

SamiGrid is also suitable for the reinstatement of concrete surfaces damaged by alkali-silica reaction due to the particular benefits offered by its sealing function.

SamiGrid® is a registered trademark of Huesker Synthetic GmbH registered in Gescher.


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13912 SamiGrid XP50 3m x 50m (150m2)

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