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PortaFloc® Chemical Dosing System

PortaFloc® Chemical Dosing System

PortaFloc® designed by Cirtex is the latest innovation in rainfall activated chemical dosing. 

Whilst still replicating the exact principals of flocculent delivery as the TP90 (GD05) Floc Shed, the PortaFloc greatly simplifies the process of on site set up and ongoing maintenance requirements. The PortaFloc is a versatile system that can be sized to suit most site requirements. Factors like dosing requirements and catchment size are what decide the system to be used. Our Chemical Treatment Services team can assist with treatment planning.

Comes in two sizes – standard and large. Contact us today to discuss dosing system requirements for your site.


Catchment Tray: Sizing of the catchment tray utilises our unique easytrack system allowing for quick and simple adjustment, as dose rates and catchment sizes change.

Header Tank: Located in the catchment tray the header tank is protected by a dust and debris screen. The low and high flow holes are located in a central tube drain which can be removed easily to allow the tank to drain as per the GD05 requirements.

Chemical Reservoir and Displacement Tank:  The PortaFloc Chemical reservoir is partly translucent in appearance allowing for easy recognition of current chemical levels. These levels are easily recognised via the coloured displacement gauge on the side of the tank.  Draining the displacement tank is now a simple task because of the Cirtex easy-drain system that we have integrated from our GD05 Floc Shed system design.

Filling the chemical reservoir is done via the 18mm hose fitting and the units can be gravity fed from IBC’s or pump filled from 200l drums.

Cirtex can assist with the set up an installation of the PortaFloc system and provide training in all aspects of chemical dosing and flocculation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Features

PortaFloc Interactive Render

Try our interactive PortaFloc system.

Use your mouse to navigate the scene, click, drag and zoom around at your own pace. Click on the numbers to further inspect the process.

The Purpose:

  • To treat sediment-laden runoff from sites to improve the clarity of discharge to levels not achievable by standard sediment control practices.
  • To reduce the volume of sediment leaving the site, thus protecting downstream environments from excessive sedimentation and water quality degradation.





60011 PortaFloc Rainfall Activated Dosing System Standard
60051 PortaFloc Rainfall Activated Dosing System Large

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