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PortaFloc® Chemical Dosing System


Available in standard and two large sizes, PortaFloc is a versatile flocculant delivery system that can be reactively sized to suit most site requirements. It replicates the exact principle of flocculant delivery as the TP90 (GD05) Floc Shed, while greatly simplifying on-site set up and maintenance.

Adjustable catchment trays with our unique easy-track system funnel rainwater into a Header Tank, designed with low and high flow holes located in a central tube. The water from the Header tank pushes the Displacement Tank into the Chemical Reservoir which then delivers the correct dosing amounts into your Sediment Retention Pond. The trays can be easily adjusted according to your dosing requirements, taking factors into account such as the dosing rate and the site catchment size.

PortaFloc’s partly translucent Chemical Reservoir allows for easy monitoring of current chemical levels via the coloured displacement gauge on the side of the tank. Filling the Chemical Reservoir is done via the 18mm hose fitting. The units can be gravity fed from IBC’s or pump filled from 200l drums. They can also be emptied via a new easy-drain system.

Cirtex can assist with the set up and installation of the PortaFloc system, but with training, the PortaFloc system is simple enough for you to do your own monitoring and flocculant delivery adjustments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the system replicated the principals of the TP90 (GD05) Floc Shed design.

When there is a requirement to use flocculant to clear up sediment laden water caused by rainfall and subsequent overland flow.

In its simplest terms, chemical treatment encourages the smallest particles that remain in suspension to bond together forming larger and heavier particles allowing them to settle in the sediment pond.  This in turn improves the water quality leaving the site and entering the receiving environment.

This will be determined in your Chemical Treatment Management Plan which we can prepare if required.  Size requirements are based on two parameters; effective dose rates and total catchment area.

Yes they are; however, with a 20 year design life on the plastic they will meet your on site requirements for on site rainfall activated dosing for many years to come.

Yes. Cirtex can provide full training in relation to all aspects of flocculation.

Benefits & Features

PortaFloc Interactive Render

Try our interactive PortaFloc system.

Use your mouse to navigate the scene, click, drag and zoom around at your own pace. Click on the numbers to further inspect the process.

The Purpose:

  • To treat sediment-laden runoff from sites to improve the clarity of discharge to levels not achievable by standard sediment control practices.
  • To reduce the volume of sediment leaving the site, thus protecting downstream environments from excessive sedimentation and water quality degradation.





60011 PortaFloc Rainfall Activated Dosing System Standard
60051 PortaFloc Rainfall Activated Dosing System Large
60513 PortaFloc Rainfall Activated Dosing System Extra Large

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Please note:

Cirtex stocks the Triton S22 Chambers. When using the calculator, please ensure you change 'chamber selection' to S-22.

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