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Floc Shed

The Cirtex® Floc Shed is a rainfall activated device to dose the correct volume of flocculant into a sediment pond or decanting earth bund during a rain event.

Flocculation is a method of enhancing the retention of suspended sediment in earthworks runoff. Liquid flocculant is added to Sediment Retention Pond inflows via the rainfall activated Cirtex Floc Sheds.

The flocculant causes individual particles to be destabilised (i.e. neutralising electrical charges that cause particles to repel each other), accelerating the coagulation and settlement of particles to ensure the discharge from the sediment pond or decanting earth bund meets the required clarity standards.

Cirtex Floc Sheds are a simple, robust and cost-effective tool to allow the efficient flocculation of Sediment Ponds. They are easy to set up and maintain, providing full visibility of all the working parts, allowing any issues or potential issues to be picked up by performing a simple inspection.

The unique self-draining displacement tank allows it to be drained by simply turning on a tap, preventing the need to bail or pump the water.



Floc Shed Large
1.2m x 1.2m x 2.4m
Floc Shed Small
0.6m x 0.6m x 1.2m
Floc Shed Header Tank 18L Blue + Components
300mm dia x 225mm high
Floc Shed Displacement Tank 73L Black
470mm dia x 420mm high
Floc Shed Floc Tank 108L Natural
540mm dia x 470mm high
Floc Shed Header Tank 100L Blue + Components
540mm dis x 470mm high
Floc Shed Displacement Tank 400L Black
830mm dia x 930mm high
Floc Shed Floc Tank 800L Natural
990mm dia x 1190mm high


  • Product Information
  • North Island Erosion & Sediment Control Guidelines
  • South Island Erosion & Sediment Control Guidelines

*These documents are current as of 13th June 2017. After this date it is your responsibility to check that these documents are the most current specifications relating to erosion and sediment control for your desired region.

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