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Chemical Treatment Management Plans (CTMP)

Chemical Treatment Management Plans (CTMP)

Chemical Treatment Management Plans in conjunction with your compliance requirements.

Testing is carried out as per the industry guidelines in our laboratory ensuring the highest testing standards are adhered to.  With our in-house team and expertise, we can provide guidance and solutions for all types of water treatment requirements including rainfall activated, dewatering solutions and electronic dosing systems.  These reports cover chemical treatment options for improving water clarity and pH correction.

Cirtex also supplies full training and support ensuring that your team has a good understanding of the principals of coagulation and flocculation and how to adapt as your site requirements and conditions change.  Prepared in conjunction with your sediment and erosion control plan our Chemical Treatment Management Plans are laid out clearly and concisely to ensure they are practical guideline for the end user to follow.  For consultants and customers who have the in house expertise to prepare CTMP’s we can supply test kits and updated samples of water treatment chemicals as required.

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