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AquaDuct is a culvert flume that is used to control water and prevent erosion around culvert outflows.

AquaDuct is an innovative low cost solution to remove water away from the end of culverts and to prevent erosion around and under culverts. AquaDuct can be installed in long lengths where access makes it difficult to channel water in a controlled way to the base of steep slopes.

AquaDuct is available in a single and double cleat. The double cleat adds strength and secures the product on both sides of the flume. This is recommended for longer or larger diameter flumes.

AquaDuct has a unique double reinforced zone at the top to reduce tearing from pipe abrasion. Stainless steel straps are also available for clamping to the pipe.


Frequently Asked Questions

AquaDuct is a culvert flume/sock to prevent erosion around culverts, by directing discharge to the desired outlet.

AquaDuct is made from 600gsm PVC coated fabric.

  • Available to fit 100-900mm concrete, plastic or steel pipe.
  • Length is custom made to order.
  • Single or double cleat options available.
  • Stainless steel straps also available.
  • Tear Strength – 250/200 N
  • Tensile Strength – 1100/840 N

AquaDuct does not come with pins for pinning down, but we recommend either 300mm HD Ground StaplesDuraMat Pins or Steel Y Posts.

Benefits & Features





76216 225mm (OD 285mm) Double Cleat To suit
76217 225mm (OD 285mm) Single Cleat To suit
76218 300mm (OD 370mm) Double Cleat To suit
76219 300mm (OD 370mm) Single Cleat To suit
76220 375mm (OD 445mm) Double Cleat To suit
76221 375mm (OD 445mm) Single Cleat To suit
76222 450mm (OD 535mm) Double Cleat To suit
76223 450mm (OD 535mm) Single Cleat To suit
76224 525mm (OD 620mm) Double Cleat To suit
76225 525mm (OD 620mm) Single Cleat To suit




76226 600mm (OD 715mm) Double Cleat To suit
76227 600mm (OD 715mm) Single Cleat To suit
76228 675mm (OD 785mm) Double Cleat To suit
76229 675mm (OD 785mm) Single Cleat To suit
76230 750mm (OD 865mm) Double Cleat To suit
76231 750mm (OD 865mm) Single Cleat To suit
76232 825mm (OD 950mm) Double Cleat To suit
76233 825mm (OD 950mm) Single Cleat To suit
76234 900mm (OD 1045mm) Double Cleat To suit
76235 900mm (OD 1045mm) Single Cleat To suit

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