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Cirtex has a range of durable geogrids and geocomposites to meet your requirements and ensure the success of your project.

About Geogrids

Geogrids are engineered polymeric materials that have an open grid-like appearance. The principal application for geogrids is the reinforcement and/or stabilisation of natural soils and aggregates.

Geogrids can be stiff and rigid or flexible depending on the polymer and manufacture process.

The most common polymers used are Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene, Polyester or Glass Fibre. The polymers can be made into an engineered geosynthetic by the process of extrusion, punching and drawing a sheet of polymer, knitting or weaving. Some polymers such as PET and glass are usually coated in another material such as PVC or Bitumen to offer protection and stability to the yarns or fibres.

Geogrids can be utilised to reduce layer thicknesses in road pavements, increase pavement life, reduce maintenance and reinforce soil to allow the construction of soil walls, slopes and embankments that would not be economically possible without these innovative materials.

Geogrids allow the construction of engineered soil reinforced structures with a design life of up to and exceeding 120 years.

Benefits of Cirtex Geogrids


Product Range


Tenax LBO HM3 L Geogrid

Tenax LBO HM3 L is a unique large aperture geogrid which makes it well suited for interlocking with larger aggregates such as railway ballast.



StrataGrid is a high-performance soil reinforcement geogrid. It is manufactured from polyester yarns that have a high molecular weight and excellent tensile strength.


Tenax® 3D

Made from a unique extrusion technique, Tenax 3D Triplaner grids are an integrally formed geogrid that is specifically shaped to maximise aggregate interlock and improve the composite stiffness of the aggregate/geogrid mass.


DuraGrid X

DuraGrid X is a range of polypropylene biaxial geogrids for use in base course reinforcement and sub-grade stabilisation applications such as road pavements, reinforced foundations and working platforms on soft ground.



GridTex is a combination of DuraGrid X polypropylene geogrid for stabilisation and reinforcement, combined with a 200gsm nonwoven geotextile for separation and filtration.