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Tenax® LBO HM3 L

Tenax LBO HM3 L is a unique large aperture Geogrid which makes it well suited for interlocking with larger aggregates such as railway ballast.

Having a larger than average aperture size allows fill material with larger rock to be used without compromising interlock ability. This therefore can offer the potential for significant cost savings for the client by allowing the well known advantages of geogrid stabilisation and reinforcement to be utilised with larger aggregates sizes.

Tenax® is a Registered Trademark of Tenax Corporation registered in the United States.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tenax LBO HM 3 boasts an aperture size of 55mm x 60mm compared with that of a DuraGrid X 30/30 Geogrid which has 36mm x 36mm.

Optimum interlock between the geogrid and the aggregate is a function of the particle size distribution as well as the maximum particle size. Well graded aggregates with a max particle size of 150mm are generally ideal with LBO HM3L.

For the first layer of Tenax LBO HM 3 L being applied to the subgrade it is recommend to lay a layer of DuraForce AS Geotextile down first to provide separation of the two materials. If multiple layers are being applied, a Geotextile is not considered necessary for the subsequent layers (i.e. between layers of similar material).

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60004 Tenax LBO HM3 L GeoGrid 5.3m x 70m

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