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Armourflow™ FS6

Armourflow™ FS6 is a low profile drainage composite, commonly used to provide gas and water drainage under impermeable liners.

With core of double cuspated HDPE surrounded by a non-woven geotextile, Armourflow FS6 is ideally suited to venting systems under a pond liner.

Armourflow FS6 can collect and dissipate pressure from either gas build-up or hydrostatic pressure, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the pond or landfill liner.

Supplied in 150m rolls, Armourflow is lightweight and easy to install, having high crush resistance and the flow rates required for these applications.


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76239 Armourflow FS6 0.5m x 150m (75m²)

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Cirtex stocks the Triton S22 Chambers. When using the calculator, please ensure you change 'chamber selection' to S-22.

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