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Super SiltFence

Super SiltFence is used in applications experiencing increased pressure on the fence due to the high water concentration from large catchment areas.

Super SiltFence is the combination of a double layer woven silt fence material, supported with a galvanized wire mesh for the more demanding conditions.

Super SiltFence is used in applications where there will be excessive pressure on the fence or areas where high water concentration of large catchments is being controlled with the Super SiltFence. The wire mesh adds support to the double layer SiltFence material and prevents the fence from blowing out when under large loads.


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Features


Roll Size
Super SiltFence Double Layer Sewn
1.2m x 50m
Super SiltFence Mesh
1.0m x 50m


*These documents are current as of 13th June 2017. After this date it is your responsibility to check that these documents are the most current specifications relating to erosion and sediment control for your desired region.