ArmourFlow™ – Panel Drain

Armourflow protects waterproofing coatings and channels water efficiently to the drainage system, preventing hydrostatic pressure build-up.


Armourflow™ – advanced geocomposite drainage board. Protects waterproofing coatings and channels water efficiently to the drainage system, preventing hydrostatic pressure build-up. Armourflow ™ is comprised of a dimpled high crush resistant plastic core with a geotextile filter bonded to the core to provide a drainage sheet that can collect and filter water ingressing from backfill soils.

Armourflow™ can often be used to replace conventional mineral drainage aggregate and saves time and money due to its light weight structure and quick and easy installation without the need for heavy machinery.


• Retaining walls
• Basement walls
• Reduction in hydrostatic pressure behind retaining walls
• Additional protection to waterproofing membranes
• Horizontal drainage for roof tops and planter boxes.


Roll Size


ArmourFlow 12

1.1m x 25m



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