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Armourflow™ Panel Drain

Armourflow™ is an advanced geocomposite drainage board used to protect waterproofing coatings and efficiently transport water into the drainage systems at the base of retaining walls to prevent hydrostatic pressure build up.

Armourflow is comprised of a dimpled high crush resistant HDPE core with a highly permeable geotextile filter bonded onto one side to provide a drainage sheet. It is commonly used behind basement and retaining walls to collect and filter water ingressing from backfill soils. Armourflow also protects the waterproofing liner from damage when the backfill soil is being placed.

Due to Armourflow’s lightweight structure, it can often be used to replace conventional mineral drainage aggregate, saving time and money. It is also quick and easy to install and doesn’t require heavy machinery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Features

  • Reduction in hydrostatic pressure
  • Additional protection to waterproofing membranes
  • Horizontal drainage of rooftops and planter boxes
  • Resistant to all commonly occurring ground chemicals
  • Reduces the need for expensive drainage aggregate
  • It protects waterproof coatings from soil and rock damage
  • Easily cut and joined


Armourflow 12
1.1m x 25m


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