StrataWeb® Geocell

StrataWeb® Geocell is a strong yet lightweight three-dimensional geocell used for erosion control applications and improving load-bearing capacity of weak soils.

Load Support

StrataWeb is a proven solution for improving the strength of soft soils. This is achieved by spreading the load over a greater area. Furthermore, when it is not cost-effective to transport high quality fill material to the site, existing material such as sand or clay can be used to fill the StrataWeb structure. Applications can include building pavements in container yards, roads, walkways and foundations.

Erosion Control for Slopes

The honeycomb structure of StrataWeb provides a very effective solution for containing material such as topsoil on slopes up to 60 degrees. Used in conjunction with a Turf Reinforcement Matting such as ECP2, the StrataWeb system provides a substantial barrier against the erosion of fill material and speeds up the vegetation process.

StrataWeb® is a registered Trademark of Strata India ltd registered in India.

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Panel Size (Expanded)
Panel Size (Collapsed)
StrataWeb 445 75mm Cell
2.56m (W) x 8.35m (L)
127mm (W) x 3.6m (L)
StrataWeb 445 100mm Cell
2.56m (W) x 8.35m (L)
127mm (W) x 3.6m (L)
StrataWeb 445 200mm Cell
2.56m (W) x 8.35m (L)
127mm (W) x 3.6m (L)
StrataWeb 445 300mm Cell
2.56m (W) x 8.35m (L)
127mm (W) x 3.6m (L)

Benefits & Features

  • Multiple fill material options including concrete, topsoil, sand or aggregate
  • Existing material onsite can sometimes be used to fill the panels
  • Perforated cell walls provide horizontal drainage
  • Collapsible panels make the product cost-effective to transport to site
  • Large cell coverage once expanded
  • Suitable for slopes up to 60 degrees
  • Ideal for constructing roads over soft material or sand


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