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Slope & Embankment Stabilisation – StrataWeb® Geocell

Slope & Embankment Stabilisation – StrataWeb® Geocell

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Project Details


Ross Reid Contractors Ltd. Landscape Contractor: Evergreen Landcare Ltd




Candor3 and ENGEO


Red Hills Road

Cirtex Regional Contact


Grant Suckling

Project Information

Red Hills is a new residential development with 400 lots, situated in the prime precinct of Westgate. North facing, it’s perfectly positioned to make the most of Auckland’s rapidly developing North Western corridor. This elevated site has many slopes and embankments. To maximise the land use, engineers incorporated a number of geosynthetic solutions in the design.


On these these steep slopes, 300mm of top soil is required for the long term support of plant life. With some slopes steeper than 1V:2H there was a high risk of the topsoil and new planting eroding and sliding off the slope face. These engineered batters support houses above so it is very important they are vegetated and protected from the elements. Once the subdivision is complete and houses are built, access to these steep, planted slopes is very restricted. If the topsoil and vegetation were to slip and expose the batters, it could put the properties above at risk, requiring very costly repairs. StrataWeb Geocell with StrataGrid and Platipus Anchors has proven to be a very effective engineered solution to prevent ongoing costly reinstatement work.


The StrataWeb Geocell is anchored at the top of the slope in an anchor trench, with Platipus Earth Anchors holding the supporting StrataCord tendons. The StrataWeb System includes Strata Cord tendons, StrataLock fasteners, StrataFast load transfer clips and galvanised steel pins. All these components work together to prevent the topsoil eroding and to resist sliding.

The StrataWeb Geocell system provided the following features & benefits:

  • Engineered solutions to maximise land use
  • Erosion of topsoil is prevented in the short term until plants become established
  • Slopes are protected from high rainfall events for many years to come
  • Long term peace of mind for property owner

Products used in this Project