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Christchurch Northern Corridor – Geoter


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CNC Alliance



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Mackenzie Watt

Mackenzie Watt

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The Christchurch Northern Corridor will extend the Northern Motorway through to QEII drive and Cranford Street, improving access to Lyttleton Port and other industrial growth areas. The CNC Alliance is the first alliance contracts of this size in the South Island, it includes NZ Transport Agency, Christchurch City Council, Fulton Hogan, Aurecon and Jacobs.

There is around 160,000m2 of Geoter, high strength geotextile used on this project. This is being used for embankment stability both in the construction case and the seismic case for stability.

Traditionally, high strength woven is ordered in standard roll lengths. This results in a high percentage of wastage as you cut standard roll lengths to suit the embankment widths on-site. Cirtex were able to provide custom roll lengths for the project, and also stitch the designed lap-lines into the rolls allowing the designers to come out to the site and ensure that the product was meeting the design specification.

We estimate we saved through working through a waste minimisation process between $50k – $100k across the whole basal order for the project. We were able to utilise a really positive constructive working relationship with Cirtex.

–  Reuben Saathof, CNC Alliance Zone Manager

For us on this project, the overall outcome is time savings, which ultimately translates into cost, but I think as well, just the willingness and desire to actually sit down and work with our team, really personable, approachable people, for me that’s what I really appreciate.  I think the strengths in my mind were multiple, undoubtedly first up was people, they’re there to listen to you and go away and work on a solution.

–  Edward Husband, CNC Alliance Project Director

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