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Pavement Service Life Extension, Lunn Ave – HaTelit® C


Project Details


​​Liveable Streets – HEB Construction & Higgins Contractors


Auckland Transport





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Grant Suckling

Grant Suckling

Project Information

Lunn Ave is a heavily trafficked road that carries vehicles from the inner residential area of Remuera to Mount Wellington, both located in East Auckland. The roads authority client, Auckland Transport, were required to rehabilitate 2,000m2 of asphalt pavement that was damaged, requiring the construction of a complete pavement reconstruction.


Auckland Transport was looking for a long-term design solution that needed to extend the service life of the pavement while lengthening maintenance intervals. HaTelit C was chosen to perform the task, due to the bond strength it provides and to enhance the interlocking, adhesion, and friction between the asphalt layers. The final pavement configuration included; 150mm of concrete, 70mm of asphalt coating, a layer of HaTelit C asphalt reinforcement grid, and 40mm of wearing course.


Higgins Contractors, a company highly specialised in road surfacing and maintenance, completed the surface rehabilitation. Higgins Contractors found the HaTelit C easier to work with than traditional fibreglass pavement reinforcement geogrids as it was more flexible and had fewer wrinkles. The excavation and resurfacing were carried out in lane intervals, so 4-metre rolls were used. HaTelit C was easy for the contractors to cut, which saved a lot of labour-intensive workaround manholes, traffic islands and curves in the road.

The HaTelit C used provided the following benefits to the project:

  • A highly durable and cost-effective solution
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Increased the service life of the pavement
  • Efficient retardation of reflective cracking

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