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Nothern Corridor Improvements (NCI) – Auckland


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Grant Suckling

Grant Suckling

Project Information

The Northern Corridor Improvements (NCI) project aims to facilitate interregional travel between Auckland and Northland by building a new motorway connection between State Highway 1 (Northern Motorway) and State Highway 18 (Upper Harbour Highway). The project will also create a new and reliable service for public transport users, walkers and cyclists alleviating congestion and supporting future economic growth. Before starting any sort of ground preparation or earthmoving, the always required SiltFence and Barrier Mesh products had to be properly installed.


Over the years, Cirtex has become the go-to company in major infrastructure projects regarding Erosion & Sediment Control products and services. At NCI our vast range, good quality, and industry knowledge facilitated the contractor alliance to ensure the project got off on the right foot. Since the very first day, our E&SC specialist was pro-actively on-site solving problems and delivering the right materials; SiltFence, Super SiltFence, Barrier Mesh, Y-posts, safety caps, pins, among other products, which allowed the contractors to establish the site and generated a safe working environment.


In total thousands of metres of SiltFence and Barrier Mesh were built in different areas of the project, requiring a large number of caps and Y-posts,
which sizes ranged from 0.5 metres to 2.4 metres in height.
The product installation went smooth as the contractors were using the rights tools, for instance Y-post drivers, and relied on experienced 4-man crews able to raise more than 20 linear metres of SiltFence and Barrier Mesh per hour.

Super SiltFences were also used as they provided extra impounding and settlement catchment, working better in steep slopes or under larger pressures.

The products used provided the following benefits to the project:

  • Time savings as the SiltFence take up less time to build than alternative solutions such as earth bunds
  • The SiltFence and Super SiltFence helped to immediately stabilise the site
  • Cost savings as our orange SiltFence provided a 2-in-1 multi-function by catching sediments while creating a visual barrier
  • Stopped people from getting in restricted site areas

Products used in this Project