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Parkwood Gateway Holdings, Hamilton – Triton Stormwater System

Parkwood Gateway Holdings, Hamilton – Triton Stormwater System

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Project Details


Sayer Drainage Ltd


Parkwood Gateway


Grays Consulting


Gordonton Road, Hamilton

Cirtex Regional Contact


James Dickinson

Project Information

The developers of this 1.06 Ha commercial development needed a comprehensive stormwater system to mitigate the effects of the runoff from the proposed low rise sub-urban commercial and retail centre.

After being initially designed with an alternative product, Cirtex was approached by the contractor Sayer Drainage and asked to assess the project and look at the option of a Triton system. The technical team at Cirtex proposed a design for the contractor with the S-22 Triton Arches wrapped in a permeable DuraForce™ geotextile to assist with the soakage of the system.

Due to the high void ratio created and superior strength of the Triton arches it meant there was savings gained for the use of aggregate and also less excavation was needed.

Products used in this Project