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Seawall Renewal – TerraTex™ K Geotextile


Project Details




Tauranga City Council


Beca and Tonkin & Taylor


Turret Road, Tauranga

Cirtex Regional Contact

Darren Clare

Darren Clare

Project Information

The Turret Road Seawall Renewal is a Tauranga City Council project to remediate the shoreline along a 1.2km stretch of road of Waimapu Estuary. This exposed, two-lane road is vital to the city’s transport network and significant commuter traffic. As the road sits close to the water’s edge, the integrity of the shoreline is paramount in allowing traffic to flow freely and safely.


A key outcome for the Council was to extend Turret Road’s lifespan and reduce the need for ongoing maintenance. A robust, heavyweight nonwoven geotextile was required to protect the shoreline from tidal and wave action washing the finer material out from behind the rock rip rap. Engineers from Beca and Tonkin & Taylor assessed the site and required riprap size. To meet design specifications, TerraTex 920k was selected.


The wall was approximately 500mm long and the contractor Higgins laid the TerraTex over a sandy base keying the toe of the wall in at the base by approximately 1m to prevent undermining. They then added a layer of small 175-300mm rocks and then a layer of large 350mm-700mm rocks to protect the road from tidal and wave action.

With a reliable supply offered by Cirtex the project could be completed efficiently and with minimal traffic disruption. The strength and integrity of TerraTex 920k means Turret Road is now well protected.

The products used provided the following benefits to the project:

  • Protects the shoreline from wind, wave and tidal action
  • Exceptional durability extends the lifespan of the road, meaning reduced ongoing maintenance
  • Reliable, consistent supply from the extensive network of Cirtex locations around New Zealand
  • Knowledgeable customer service and clear data sheets for simple product selection

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