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Takarunga/Mount Victoria, Auckland – DuraGreen


Project Details


Walkway Solutions Limited


Auckland Council




Mount Victoria, Devonport, Auckland

Cirtex Regional Contact

Grant Suckling

Grant Suckling

Project Information

Takarunga/Mount Victoria is the highest volcano on Auckland’s North Shore, and a place of cultural and archaeological significance due to historic Māori pā settlement that was once present there. This project was to improve and widen the amenity tracks that gives access around Mount Victoria, making it available for all weather use and keeping foot traffic to the designated footpaths. Due to the unique cultural significance of the area, it was important not to disturb the existing ground and effectively overlay the new footpath on the existing contours of the land. It was integral to ensure that the long-term stability of the track was established and that the outer DuraGreen MSE wall blended into the natural environment.


Our Sustainable Product Specialist worked hand-in-hand with all parties involved in the project to ensure the best possible outcome, while supporting sustainable values and actions. The final design consisted of 800 x 400mm DuraGreen soil bags, pre-filled with a tailored seed mix to allow for future vegetation growth at the wall face. As part of the system, a layer of StrataGrid SG200 was wrapped around the face, tied back, and secured with the aid of Platipus S6 ARGS anchors. A nonwoven needle-punched geotextile, DuraForce AS280, was also used as separation layer between soils.


The installation and methodology carried out by Walkway Solutions Limited and their specialist walking track equipment alleviated the requirement for any heavy machinery on-site. The DuraGreen soil bags were pre-seeded to eliminate the need for subsequent hydroseeding, which would not have been possible to accomplish because of limited access stipulation on the project site. The StrataGrid layers were placed as per Cirtex specifications. The path was finally laid using a gravel aggregate and compacted in situ by means of a plate compactor.

The DuraGreen used provided the following benefits to the project:

  • A low impact and cost-effective solution for the client that can be easily replicated for similar projects
  • Long-term structural integrity
  • An aesthetically pleasing outcome which enhances the natural environment
  • Protection and recognition of the cultural significance of the site

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