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Vector Wero, Auckland – DuraMesh® MSE Wall


Project Details


HEB Structures


Vector Wero Whitewater Park


GAIA Engineers


Manukau, Auckland

Cirtex Regional Contact

Grant Suckling

Grant Suckling

Project Information

The Vector Wero Whitewater Park is a staged project designed to be a world-class tourism destination. It’s New Zealand’s first facility to offer an artificial river and watercourse for recreation, sports, emergency services training, school programs and youth development. It is adjacent to the Vodafone Events Centre and officially opened in April 2016.


HEB Structures, GAIA and Cirtex worked together on the Wero Whitewater Park project in Manukau, Auckland, designing and building a curved DuraMesh® MSE wall customised to fit the client’s requirements precisely.

DuraMesh MSE Wall System

A standard DuraMesh wall has a face angle of 70 degrees with a lift height of 600mm and typically vegetated. With the strict requirements of the site, the Cirtex Technical Design and Support Team offered a design with a 90-degree face angle and a 400mm lift to be built in conjunction with decorative concrete facing panels.


Due to the design service, onsite support and the speed of construction, significant overall labour savings were achieved using the DuraMesh MSE wall facing system over alternative traditional facing systems.

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