Design Toolboxes

Interactive digital versions of the design toolbox series

The Cirtex Design Toolbox series is an integral part of the product and solutions package that Cirtex has become renowned for. In this series of 10 Design Toolboxes, we have set out in a clear and logical format the design tools and assistance that Cirtex can bring to your project.

From data entry sheets for collating project inputs, through to product specifications and install and maintenance guidelines, these innovative Toolboxes will assist you to optimise your project with Cirtex geosynthetics.

Click on the links below to download an interactive copy, or contact us for an impressive printed version for your desk.

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RainSmart® Stormwater Modules

The RainSmart modular tank system is suited for subsurface, infiltration, retention and detention stormwater applications. This system allows the designer to efficiently control the build up of sediments in the tank and allows for flushing of the system if ever required.

Triton Solutions – Underground Stormwater Management

The Triton Stormwater system is suited for subsurface stormwater management including infiltration, retention, detention and conveyance. It is essential to properly contain sediments, contaminants, and surface runoff in order to meet environmental regulations and create world-class projects.

SecuGrid® Multi-Directional Geogrid

SecuGrid is designed to interlock with the aggregate placed above it to provide stabilisation and bearing capacity improvement to soft subgrades and also reduce rutting in a pavement application.

CombiGrid® Multi-Directional Geogrid Geotextile Composite

CombiGrid combines all the functions of a geogrid and geotextile in one single product and is ideal for reducing aggregate depth requirements and providing a stable platform on soft ground.