DuraMat RF – Heavy Duty Turf Reinforcement Matting

DuraMat RF is a three-dimensional composite turf reinforcement matting, reinforced with a PVC coated double twist steel mesh giving a high strength product with low elongation.

The combination of these products gives a robust and versatile product used for rock control, slope stability and turf reinforcement applications.

The double twist wire mesh provides high strength and low elongation allowing the DuraMat RF to be anchored securely on to the bank using robust pins, soil nails or anchors. This adds a structural function along with erosion and scour protection.

This three-dimensional Turf Reinforcement Matting (TRM) offers protection from scouring and helps assist with vegetation growth.

See also Cirtex® Rockfall Mesh and advanced erosion protection matting systems for further slope stability and scour protection options.

Benefits & Features

  • Long life galvanised and PVC coated structural element
  • Convenient 2m x 25m rolls
  • Rockfall, scour and slope stability applications
  • Saves time as opposed to laying product separately
  • ISO 9001 quality assured supplier
  • Used in conjunction with Platipus® Anchor Systems

Platipus® is a Registered Trademarks of Platipus Anchor, registered in England.


Roll Size
DuraMat RF
2m x 25m

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