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Chipseal Grid

Chipseal Grid is a highly resistant, nonwoven geotextile with optimum bitumen retention capacity, integrated with a biaxial reinforcing grid made of high tenacity polyester yarn, engineered for cost-effective waterproofing and reinforcement within spray seal applications.

Chipseal Grid’s geotextile component acts as a barrier to the ingress of water, protecting the pavement structure beneath to prevent further cracking. The integrated reinforcing grid strengthens and supports the sealed surface by improving the rupture behaviour of the geotextile, with the combination of the two materials contributing to a significant delay in crack propagation. 

The grid’s integrated geotextile and grid design, in conjunction with the bitumen bond coat, increases surface stability by providing a consistent and uniform layer. This reduces bitumen migration in comparison to conventional solutions while increasing aggregate retention. 

Chipseal Grid’s flexibility and strength allows installation on existing as well as milled surfaces, providing a strong bond to the underlying surface. Chipseal Grid effectively delays pavement deterioration while extending the service life of spray seal pavements. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Chipseal Grid is a hard-wearing geotextile integrated with reinforcing grid. It is designed to sit on top of existing cracked surfaces, then coated with bitumen as a cost-effective yet longer lasting spray seal pavement solution.  

The geotextile prevents water from seeping through, preventing further cracking in the surface beneath.  The integrated geogrid gives the geotextile further strength, but also helps hold the sprayed bitumen in place. The combination of the two helps prevent reflective cracking rising from below. 

Unrolling and installing on an existing surface is easy with the use of an installation frame on a loader. Simply spray the surface with bitumen, lay Chipseal Grid on top and compact into the bitumen. Spray a second bitumen layer on top then seal with your chosen aggregate and compact. 

Due to the much higher “in-service” tensile strength of the reinforcing grid the chipseal grid is more resistant to rupture under loading compared to a conventional paving geotextile.

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60393 Chipseal Grid A10 5m x 200m
60394 Chipseal Grid A15 5m x 200m

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