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The SludgePod is a durable system designed for the onsite dewatering of sludge and heavy sediment loads from sediment ponds, clarifiers and sediment retention systems.

The sludge pods can be secured in an IBC or custom frame during the dewatering process. Multiple pods can be connected via the flexitube system at the top of the pods allowing for unlimited capacity. As each unit fills the system effectively creates a series of decants with the cleaner water passing from one to the next.

The pods can be left in situ to fully dewater then can be lifted via the 4 sturdy handles at the top of the pods.  There are lifting tabs also located on the bottom of the pods allowing for the east removal of sediment and reuse of each unit.

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60234 SludgePod Dewatering Bag 1m x 0.9m x 0.9m

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