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Triton Vault

Triton raises the bar with the introduction of the revolutionary Vault system.

This innovative 5 component system uses the same design concept as the ancient roman groin vault for superior strength, in addition to end caps, trays, close offs and locks, to create a stormwater system like no other.

Its improved interior storage capacity per square metre, endless design flexibility, unparalleled strength and its ability to reduce stone costs up to 70% makes the Vault system the must-have stormwater system on the market.

Triton Vault gives you all the benefits of the Triton Chamber system with the addition of greater storage volume and greater design flexibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Triton Vault stormwater system combines the advantages of a chamber system with much higher void space and less drainage aggregate required. It is also manufactured using eco-friendly materials with an ultra-durable yet lightweight design that is easy to install and maintain.

Like the Triton S-22 Chambers, the Triton Vault units are made of lightweight soy-based resins, which are high strength, high modulus, UV resistant and chemically resistant to most acids, salts and fertilizers.

Triton Vault is an advancement from the Triton S-22 chambers, which leads to increase stormwater storage efficiency while simultaneously decreasing stone, excavation and labour costs.

Triton stormwater systems are made from soy resin which is not susceptible to biological degradation and highly resistant to chemical degradation. The design life of the Triton Stormwater System will be dependent on the design loads, detailing and installation. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty which describes in which circumstance the Triton system can be expected to last 60 and 120 years. This information is given subject to the Cirtex Industries Ltd Terms & Conditions.

The Triton Vault and the Triton S-22 Chamber are similar in operation, where run-off flows through an inlet into the main header row section, before flowing over into the distribution rows of the system. Both stormwater systems are manufactured using a soy-based resin to reduce footprint.

The Triton Vault compared to the Triton S-22 Chambers can be built in any shape or size, offering extra design flexibility to maximise the storage area that best fit the demands of the site. The Vault system even allows for open sections to accommodate tree roots, poles, etc. Triton’s Vault system dramatically increases storage capacity for the same installation footprint. Combining the advantages of a chamber system, with much higher void space and less drainage aggregate required.

Benefits & Features

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Please note:

Cirtex stocks the Triton S22 Chambers. When using the calculator, please ensure you change 'chamber selection' to S-22.

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