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Geosynthetics testing Australasia

About GeoCert™

The GeoCert™ geosynthetics testing laboratory is a specialist facility for testing Geosynthetic Materials and Filter Sleeve™. The Laboratory holds an ILAC-MRA IANZ accreditation to the ISO 17025 standard for its scope of testing. This is a world class, third-party accreditation which demonstrates a high level of independence and accuracy, giving certainty to our customers. 

This modern laboratory is equipped with state of the art, world-class equipment and independently accredited processes and allows Cirtex to offer a higher level of certainty and support to the industry in New Zealand. In addition, this facility provides exciting opportunities for research and development, and project-specific testing to optimise designs.

For more information or to get testing done, contact GeoCert on 07 868 0548 or email

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Inside the Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

GeoCert geosynthetics testing laboratory holds an independent, third-party accreditation for its scope of testing. The ILAC-MRA IANZ laboratory accreditation is a globally recognised accreditation to the ISO 17025 standard. The accreditation of the laboratory means that you can have confidence in the reliability of the results, confidence in the competence of the staff and the accuracy and reliability of our systems and processes. For more information on IANZ accreditation, visit, and

Please contact GeoCert on 07 868 0548 or email

Check out our scope of accreditation for our IANZ accredited tests on the IANZ website

The laboratories capabilities are not limited to the testing scope as stated above. Our laboratory facilities have the equipment and resources available to do a wide range of research and development testing and we are always looking to improve on our ever-growing testing capabilities. If you have testing requests for Geosynthetic Materials or FilterSleeve, please get in contact with us as we would be glad to assist.