RainSmart® Stormwater Modules

The RainSmart® modular tank system is suited for subsurface infiltration, retention and detention stormwater applications.

The modules are manufactured using recycled materials and provide a lightweight, structural component to an engineered design. The system is ideally suited for the construction of underground infiltration, retention, detention tanks, grass swale, subsurface interception channels, septic leach drains and lightweight void fillers for roof garden and planter box applications.

The RainSmart system supersedes traditional gravel and pipe-based systems. The system provides a void space ratio of over 95%, compared to 30 – 40% in typical gravel and pipe based systems. Consequently, the RainSmart system offers a smaller footprint for the same storage volume. This provides a significant saving in the amount of excavation, soil transport, imported clean aggregate, thus reducing earthworks related installation costs and causes minimum site disruption.

The modules are available in kit form, making transporting economical and easy to handle. The lightweight and stackable nature of the tank modules ensures installation is quick and easy, eliminating the use of heavy machinery.

The modular design and structural capabilities distribute loads evenly and allow usage in both trafficable and landscaped areas offering a high safety factor. The design also enables the user to create any shape and size of the underground stormwater structure, without disturbing the surrounding site and maximising land use.

RainSmart modules have a unique low flow design to provide total linear access, invaluable for inspection and maintenance purposes. This allows the designer to efficiently control the build up of sediments in the tank and for flushing the system if ever required.

Benefits & Features

  • A robust yet lightweight system that is simple to install without specialised equipment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recharges groundwater table through infiltration
  • Mitigation of downstream flooding
  • Removes the need for above ground ponds and tanks that use valuable space and are health and safety risks
  • RainSmart linear access systems offer an economical and low maintenance system
  • Modular structure for design flexibility
  • Heavy load carrying capacity
  • Flat-packed kits for easy transportation
  • Trafficable when installed with ≥ 600mm pavement cover


Size (L x W x H)
5 Plate, Single Module
0.715 x 0.4 x 0.44
5 Plate, Double Module
0.715 x 0.4 x 0.86
5 Plate, Triple Module
0.715 x 0.4 x 1.28
5 Plate, Quad Module
0.715 x 0.4 x 1.7
5 Plate, Penta Module
0.715 x 0.4 x 2.12

* Modules required per 1m3 of stormwater storage, considering a 95% void ratio.
4 and 7 plate options available. Please contact Cirtex® technical support team for assistance on selecting the correct configuration for your application.

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