RainSmart Stormwater Modules

RainSmart® Stormwater Modules are an ideal solution for stormwater management. These lightweight, strong and versatile modules are ideal for attenuation and infiltration systems in both domestic and commercial applications.


The RainSmart® modular tank system is suited for subsurface, infiltration, retention and detention stormwater applications. 

Manufactured using recycled materials, the tank modules are a lightweight, engineered design, structural component developed through research and development. It is ideally used for the construction of underground infiltration, retention, detention tanks, grass swale, subsurface interception channels, septic leach drains and light weight void fillers for roof gardens and planter boxes applications. 

The RainSmart® tank module system supersedes traditional gravel and pipe based systems by far. The system provides a void space ratio of over 95% compared to 30 – 40% in typical gravel and pipe based systems. Consequently, the RainSmart® system offers a smaller footprint for the same storage volume, significantly saving the amount of excavation, soil transport, importing clean aggregate and thus reducing earthworks related installation costs, and causes minimum site disruption. 

The RainSmart® tank modules are available in kit form making it economical and easy to transport and handle. The lightweight nature of the tank modules also eliminates the use of heavy machinery, and make the installation quick and easy. 

The modular design and stackable structural capabilities of the tank modules distribute the loads evenly and allows it to be used in both traffic and landscaped areas with a high safety factor. The modular design also means that you can create any shape and size of the underground stormwater structure on site with our disturbing the surrounding site conditions and maximise land use. 

RainSmart® tank modules have a unique low flow design to provide a total linear access, for inspection and maintenance purpose. This system allows the designer to effective control the buildup of sediments in the tank, and allows for flushing of the system if ever required. 


  • Onsite stormwater management
  • Environmentally friendly made from selected recycled polypropylene
  • Recharges groundwater table through principal of infiltration
  • Mitigation of downstream flooding
  • Site space utilisation and minimum site disruption
  • Economical and low maintenance system
  • Modular structure for design flexibility
  • Heavy load carrying capacity
  • Supplied in kit form for easy in transportation
  • High void surface ration for quicker infiltration
  • Lightweight  


RainSmart® 4 Plate Tank Single0.715 x 0.4 x 0.448
RainSmart® 4 Plate Tank Double Layer0.715 x 0.4 x 0.864
RainSmart® 4 Plate Tank Triple Layer0.715 x 0.4 x 1.282.73
RainSmart® 4 Plate Tank Quad Layer0.715 x 0.4 x 1.72.04
RainSmart® 4 Plate Tank Penta Layer0.715 x 0.4 x 2.121.64


What are the main applications?

What size are they?

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What are our main benefits?

What grade of geotextile is needed for around tanks?

Impermeable liner – which one?

How much sand do you need as a liner around the outside of the system?

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