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Geoter PET Geotextile

Geoter W PET & F PET are reinforcement geotextiles made with high tenacity PET yarn, manufactured by a warp knitting process.

This range is specially designed for reinforcement of embankments on soft soils, road foundations, supporting structures, fills and slopes.

In addition, the F PET range has a backing of woven polypropylene (PP) geotextile to provide enhanced separation, filtration and protection characteristics.

Geoter provides high strength at low strains and is designed to perform over extended lifespans of 100+ years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Geoter is a polyester geotextile and is available in much higher strength grades. Polyester has superior long-term strain properties. Therefore, Geoter is better suited to long-term applications under high loads, such as basal reinforcement for embankments over soft soils.

DuraForce WG is a polypropylene geotextile designed for separation and reinforcement in short-term load applications such as pavements and haul roads.

No, one continuous run must be laid over the reinforced area.

This is decided by the design engineer and depends primarily on how soft the underlying ground is. 300mm is a standard overlap but on soft ground more may be required to ensure any settlement doesn’t separate the two rows of geotextile, potentially leaving an area unreinforced.

Most grades and roll sizes of Geoter will be too heavy for a two-person lift and must be deployed with a spreader bar on a machine.

Benefits & Features





13296 W-PET 100/50 5.3m
13511 W-PET 150/50 5.3m
13510 W-PET 200/50 5.3m
13297 W-PET 300/50 5.3m
13298 W-PET 600/50 5.3m
13299 W-PET 800/50 5.3m
13300 W-PET 1000/50 5.3m
13301 W-PET 1400/50 5.3m




13316 F-PET 200/50 5.3m
13673 F-PET 1100/50 5.3m
13702 F-PET 1200/50 5.3m
13675 F-PET 1400/50 5.3m
13674 F-PET 1600/50 5.3m

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Cirtex stocks the Triton S22 Chambers. When using the calculator, please ensure you change 'chamber selection' to S-22.

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