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Pokeno Heights

Many of you would have noticed the rapid housing growth at Pokeno, just beside the southern approach to the Bombay hills. As these developments move towards the surrounding elevated ground the outlook over the surrounding area opens up to a vista of town and country scenes, increasing the value of the housing and therefore the return for the developer.

Platipus Civil Anchor Job

Platipus Anchor Overview

Temporary cut batter support for earthworks sites is one area where Platipus Earth Anchors are proving to be an extremely attractive solution, adding value for contractors, clients and specifiers alike.

Queenstown DuraForce Project

Pavement at Queenstown Airport Extension

It was great to be apart of the Queenstown Airport Extension Project alongside Downer and Beca. Cirtex was approached by Downer New Zealand to look at what solutions we could provide to replace an aggregate drainage blanket required underneath the pavement for drainage, along with reinforcing the pavement section of the new runway.

Stormwater Seminars South Island

We have just completed a successful Seminar Series in the South Island presenting smart solutions for Stormwater storage. Thanks to all who attended.


Introducing CAPLab Design Software

Have you ever wondered how to quantify the benefit of geogrid reinforcement in a pavement application? Watch this video about our new CAPLab program, an innovative and user friendly tool for pavements incorporating SecuGrid® geogrids.

MSE Wall

Compaction versus consolidation in MSE walls

The difference between compaction and consolidation is usually taught in first year studies and would be second nature to most engineers, so you might think further discussion is not required, However we often find that the practical application of these two principles to reinforced soil structures is not as clear as one might think.

Cirtex Barrier Mesh

MHX Project

Another example of Cirtex working with the engineer and contractor to provide the best solution, in this case Fletcher Construction on the MHX project. See this image showing a crane platform being constructed on a Secugrid reinforced platform.